What is Acne? Its Causes, Prevention and Symptoms


What is Acne Vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris which is more commonly known as acne is a condition that generally affects your face, neck, chest, shoulder, bacauses of acneck and forehead. This condition generally occurs when hair follicles become clogged due to the excessive accumulation of dead skin cell and excessive oil production by our gland. This is a very common type of condition throughout the world amongst the adolescents and teenagers. It is a fact that nearly 90 percent of the people get acne and most of them belong to the teenage. Once the condition occurs on your face this generally takes time to heal. You might want to know the answer of the question that what exactly causes acne. Well, there are numbers of causes have associated with the condition of acne. One of the very common causes of acne is Hormone imbalances that generally face adolescences and teenagers. Hereditary can also be a major problem of the occurrence of acne. It is also seen by the experts that some kinds of bacteria can also lead to the development of acne such as anaerobic bacterium and P acnes. The development of acne can also lead by the unhealthy foods that you generally used to eat. Fast food, greasy foods, soda or other cold drinks and some dairy product such as cheese can also lead to the evolvement of acne. Alcohol consumption and smoking habits may lead to the development of acne.


Signs and Symptoms of Acne

There are numerous signs and symptoms have been associated with the condition of acne which you can use for the early detection of acne. If you have early detected your acne then it will become easier to treat acne vulgaris effectively. The development of acne generally depends on the severity of acne and which part of the body has affected from it. The most common causes of acne are blackheads that more commonly looks like black spots around the infected area. Cysts, papules, pimples, crusting of skin bumps, pustules, whiteheads and scarring of the skin are the major signs and symptoms of acne.

acneIf we talk about the prevention of acne, there are numerous tips you need to follow if you want to prevent this kind of infection. It is a well saying that “prevention is better than cure” and I most of you including me will come in the support of this notion. Isn’t’ it? First of all if you really want to get rid of it acne then you will have to quite unhealthy foods such as fast foods or greasy foods, alcohol, cold drinks and smoking. These are the very common cause that can lead to trigger acne.


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