Top 10 Natural Remedies for Pimples

What is Zit? What are Main Symptoms of Zit?

Zit which is more commonly known as pimple is a kind of skin infection that generally occurs when excessive amount of oil gets trapped into the pores. It may also cause by the accumulation of dead skin cells around the sebaceous glands. acnePimples are one of the major skin illnesses throughout the world amongst the teenagers. Pustules and pa-pules are the varieties of pimples that can cause severe complications. Pimples generally appear as small, reddish and inflamed skin which usually filled with pus. There are numerous signs and symptoms have linked that indicate you have pimples. White heads, blackheads, pa-pules, pustules and nodules are the most common symptoms of acne.


Treatment Options for Acne

There are numerous treatment options available which can be used by the patient for getting rid of acne. However, pimples generally don’t easily get cured as it will remain on your skin for even a year. So, the prevention is better options than cure. acneHowever, you have already got this condition therefore there is no relevance of applying this rule. So, we must concentrate on the available treatment options that can help you treating this condition. There are numerous treatment options available such as laser treatment, medicines related treatment and home remedies. It is a fact that all the mentioned treatment options can be used by you but all the treatments don’t work for all. However, if we talk about the natural therapy it works nearly for all. So, I am going to discuss about 10 most natural herbs and treatment that can help managing your pimples.

Drinking adequate amount of water- is the effective way that every person should have to apply. It helps your body to flush out all the pimples causing chemicals and bacteria.

Home Remedies For Acne


Using Aloe Vera-

aleo vera for acneAloe vera as a face mask is the first initial thing that you can apply for getting better relieved. Aloe Vera is blessed with numbers of anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and antioxidants which can easily help you getting rid of it.

Extract of Lemon Juice-

Extract of lemon juice has the enough potential in treating acne effectively because it is rich in vitamin c and other powerful bacteria.

Using Turmeric Paste-

turmeric for acneUsing turmeric paste can also be a major move in the treatment of acne. It also helps your skin to glow and stay energize.


Garlic has enough anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can play a very important role in the treatment of acne.


Papaya is a very essential powerful natural the remedies for acne that can also make a huge impact in the treatment of pimples.

tea tree oil for acneApplying Tea-tree Oil-

Tea tree oil will definitely help you managing all your signs and symptoms if acne.


Streaming is an extremely essential part of the treatment of acne as it helps clear the clogged pores.



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