The only skin tonic for all skin problems- Tuvarak (Chaulmoogra) Tel

healthy skin with tuvrak oil

healthy skinWhether it’s a housewife, professional or a student every woman wants flawless, glowing and picture perfect skin. But due to chemical and pollution, no one gets the perfect look. In fact because of these problems you can get a pimple, zits, acne like many skin problems. This is the phase of life from which no one wants to go. But sadly, there are many people who are suffering from this and don’t know what they can use to cure their conditions. But today’s article is very helpful for those who are searching a cure for all skin problems.

If you are thinking that like others I am also here to convince you to use medicines for your condition, you are wrong. I will tell you about an Ayurvedic remedy which can cure skin problems easily. The name of that Ayurvedic remedy is Tuvarak (Chaulmoogra) Tel. by the end of this article you will learn about- the only skin tonic for all skin problems- Tuvarak (Chaulmoogra) Tel.

tubrak_tailChaulmoogra Tel for skin problems is the perfect remedy and this is the oil which can cure all the skin problems with so much ease. Hyndocarpus kurzii is another name of Chaulmoogra Tel which belongs to the family Flacourtiaceae. This tree is native to India, Myanmar, and Thailand.

In India, this tree is mainly found in Assam and Tripura. The seeds of this tree provide an oil which is known as Chaulmoogra Tel. The ripe seeds contain about 40-50 percent fixed oil. This oil is extracted by pressing the kernels in a hydraulic press.

The taste of Chaulmoogra Tel is acidic and bitter. It has yellow to brownish color. It contains chemically Easters of unsaturated fatty acid of Chaulmoogric acid, hydoncapric acid and glycerides acid.

psoriasis-handChaulmoogra Tel is used to cure psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases. It is highly effective for scaly eruptions and chronic skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, and scabies. In ayurvedic treatment, Chaulmoogra Tel is used to cure leprosy and other skin diseases. Chaulmoogra Tel can be used for both internal and external uses.

This oil was introduced with into western medicine by an English doctor in 1854. He declares that Chaulmoogra Tel can cure the disease leprosy and it can also cure the ulcers with an external application.  Chaulmoogra Tel has very strong bactericidal properties which can alleviate all those bacteria which can cause skin diseases like a pimple, acne and much more.

Causes-of-PsoriasisIf you have psoriasis, the application of this oil can weeps and oozes a clear discharge. Chaulmoogra Tel can reduce the inflammation; stop the oozing, burning, and itching.  Chaulmoogra Tel is proved to cure skin problems. Chaulmoogra Tel for skin problems is the perfect remedy and this is the remedy which will not give you side effects.

The Chaulmoogra Tel is a bit tricky.  It is to be applied after bathing as the skin absorbs so much better when pores are open and skin is wet or damp. If you want you can dilute this oil with coconut oil. Chaulmoogra Tel is very gentle on the skin and it doesn’t clog the pores.

ayurveda for your skinApart from bactericidal properties, Chaulmoogra Tel has antibiotic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antirheumatic, anti- septic, expectorant or decongestant. This is an ayurvedic remedy and this is the reason that people have trust on this. Ayurvedic treatment is between us for more than 3000 years. This is the treatment which can cure any diseases from its roots. Ayurvedic remedies contain all the natural herbs and spices which are essential to cure diseases from its roots. Ayurvedic treatment is the oldest treatment and is native to India but still, there are very few people who are using ayurvedic remedies.

skin tagsChaulmoogra Tel for skin problems is the perfect remedy because this is the part of the Ayurvedic treatment. Chaulmoogra Tel has no side effects and there are several ways to use this oil. If you want to take it orally, you can take 5-10 drops and if you want to use this oil externally, you can use mix neem oil in it this before the application.  But if you take 5 drops of Chaulmoogra Tel with butter, it will give you astonishing results. So, use Chaulmoogra Tel for skin problems and get the healthy and beautiful skin.

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