Most commonly occurring heart diseases are coronary heart diseases, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, peripheral artery diseases, congenital heart disease, and stroke. All of them revolve only around your 24×7 functioning heart. Cardiovascular diseases alone accounts for nearly 836,546 deaths in the US. That makes up a total 1 of every 3 deaths in the US. It is shocking, but a proved fact that heart diseases are the biggest killer of the time. What is even more surprising is that many of these deaths can be easily avoided. How? Of course, allopathic drugs have nothing to do with this. Fortunately we have some ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases. Ayurveda is a science of life and we have gained a lot from it since its discovery. But, the maximum help we are getting today because the world is full of diseases. In addition to the diseases, we have allopathic drugs that pretend to solve the problem, but in reality cause several other problems. So, we not only have diseases to fight with, but allopathic drugs are also on the list of problems we should get rid of. So, it is during this time we need ayurvedic medicines the most.

For this too there are several reasons. The topmost reason is for avoidance of allopathic drugs. If something can beat allopathic medicines in terms of effectiveness and safety, it is ayurveda. Secondly, the damage modern medicines have done till now must be fixed urgently. And ayurveda can actually help in detoxification of our body. Well, all these are some general benefits of ayurveda, but today we are here to see how ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases. Yes, these herbs can not only cure, but can also prevent most of the cardiovascular diseases. Till a few years ago, it was nothing more than a claim written in various ancient medicinal texts, but today, even scientists are proving the same. There are many research evidences supporting the claim made centuries ago in ayurvedic texts. That’s really an achievement, right? Yes, at least we have something that can save us from the biggest killer of the time. Let us quickly see some of the ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases, and then we will see how to use these herbs. Getting these herbs is also not as easy as getting over the counter medicines, so, we will also throw light on how to get them at your doorstep. Before that, have a look at some of the ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases.

  • Arjuna is a cardiac tonic used in Ayurveda for a variety of heart conditions. It is one stop solution to how ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases. Often it is combined with ashwagandha, brahmi and guggul in heart formulas, and all of them assist the herb in giving you a healthy heart. Research evidences clearly state that this herb is a coronary vasodilator, protects the heart, strengthens circulation, and helps to maintain the tone and health of the heart muscle. All these studies make arjuna one of the most effective ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases.
  • Guggul probably is the best of all ayurvedic medicines for heart diseases and it is a proven fact that this with some other ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases. One recent research “Guggul for hyperlipidemia: a review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration” published in a leading journal talks about the medicinal capabilities of the herb. The scientific evidences available on the use of guggul for hyperlipidemia were evaluated in detail. Also, the ayurvedic herb for heart diseases was evaluated for safety and side effects. There were no possible ill effects of using the herb. There are several other studies that show the effectiveness of guggul in cardiovascular diseases.
  • According to many researchers working to find out whether ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases or not, ashwagandha is one of potent ayurvedic medicines for heart diseases. Scientifically named as Withania somnifera Dunal, ashwagandha has proven immunostimulatory properties. Apart from this, it exerts a positive influence on the endocrine, cardiopulmonary and central nervous systems. This is a proven fact hence you can utilize this herb and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Better consult a good ayurvedic doctor and live a long life with a healthy heart.
  • If researchers are to be believed, a combination of arjuna, ashwaganda, and shatavari promotes healthy cholesterol levels, helps regulate blood pressure and supplies needed oxygen to the heart. This is more than enough for you to have a healthy heart, isn’t it? These three herbs have the potential to cure any health problem, but are particularly used in case of heart problems. You too can gain benefits from all three of them. They often come in combination in many ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases. However, which one would suit you depends on your body type and the type of heart problem you are struggling with. Hence a good ayurvedic doctor would be the best source of further advice.
  • Neem is helpful in coronary artery disease and heart arrhythmias. Known by different names like Azadirachta Indica or Margosa tree, Neem tree is the storehouse of numerous health benefiting properties. The fruit of Indian lilac, the leaves, stem and even root have so much medicinal properties that this tree alone is enough to save you from almost every disease. The part beneficial for you will depend on the problem you want to resolve. Many ayurvedic medicines contain this herb in different forms. You too can gain a lot from these ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases.
  • Apart from all the above discussed ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases, one commonly used herb- garlic is also beneficial. Garlic is one of the most important ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases. It is used since ages to alleviate vata doshas, for controlling blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Several researchers have proven again and again that garlic is known to lower blood pressure, boost immune system, fight infections, and prevent cancer. It also is helpful against parasites, bacterial infection, cancer, ulcers and even slows the growth of existing tumors. So, garlic can be used in almost every health problem, be it minor or major. However, rather than taking it in raw form, some ayurvedic formulas containing garlic are stronger alternatives you can use.

About 2,300 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of 1 death every 38 seconds. What exactly are the medicines being sold in market for? If they are really effective, should we doubt these stats? Absolutely not as the stats have been taken by various health organizations and presented as they are. What should be doubted are the allopathic high priced drugs you are forced to eat. They have no relation with curing heart diseases. In fact, many drugs directly impact your heart health. Hence forget about allopathic medicines if you really care for your heart health. And trust ayurveda because it is true that ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases. all these herbs are extremely effective, however, there is also other side of the coin.

If you think of getting things done through ayurvedic medicines for heart diseases all alone, then you are expecting the very impossible thing. For treating your heart problems you need to change your lifestyle, change your food habits, and change your way of living. Just taking a bunch of medicines is not going to do any help, but you will have to add to it your own efforts. The most effective heart disease prevention and treatment is free. As heart is the pillar of overall health, the same way exercise is the key to heart health. You can control your heart health by controlling your stress, emotions, food habits and lifestyle. Very stressful situations can cause sudden chest pains that feel like a heart attack. The heart’s normal pumping is disrupted temporarily. If you take care of all these factors, rest will be taken care of with ayurvedic herbs for heart diseases.

As we have told you that ayurvedic herbs cure heart diseases, we will also tell you from where to get these herbs. Although all these herbs might be available in market, finding the right one and using it in the exact manner it should is not easy. One easier and healthy option is to make a call to paramanand ayurveda and talk to a good ayurvedic doctor for free. After talking to the ayurvedic doctor, you will also get to know about the ayurvedic medicines containing the ayurvedic herbs for heart problems. If you want, you can also order the same medicines from paramanand ayurveda and avail huge discount. Once you have in hand the ayurvedic medicines, you can start using them as prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor. Isn’t it easy? Yes, it is definitely an easier and much more effective method of treating your heart holistically. No matter which heart problem you are suffering from, ayurveda always has a solution. So, utilize that solution to make your life better.


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